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Jungle Juice Plus® Rush Popper

The unchanged recipe of Jungle Juice is here in a PLUS version. Staying true to the original recipe, find out just how good this classic is today!  The newjungle juice is sure to become an important staple in your collection. You won't regret giving this extreme formula a try!

Heavy BOLT® Original

Bolt Brand® contains an extraordinarily pure and powerful formula. Powerized with the famous Power-Pak Pellet™, it stays fresher longer, and is more powerful than ever.

Blue Boy Rush Popper

A very smooth popper with a very desirable outcome. This poppers has a almost cult-like following and is definitely one you should always have around.

HARDWARE® Rush Popper

Hardware, as you might expect, is all about raw power and strength – so if that's how you like it, this is the bottle for you. Acts faster and lasts longer.

Iron Horse Rush Popper

The Iron Horse is an absolutely unique formula, produced by PWD an extremely popular brand that has been creating products for over forty years.

Nitro Supra® Rush Popper

He does not want to be like everyone else.Protrude. Hyper strong Poppers with fantastic special effects and novel pleasant scents!

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